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The resource chorus book chords edition pdf. Skip to content Home Map Contacts. Unsubscribe from Forge The Narrative? Cancel Unsubscribe. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 3. Direct download via HTTP available as well. Save eldar 7th edition codex to get e-mail alerts and updates on your site Feed. See, you're held back by the fact that you're a legit squad now that can't be split up and takes up a HQ choice by itself. What you get is a variant on the Brotherhood of Psykers rule; you get powers based on how many models are in there: Warlocks make you ML1, makes you ML2, and any more makes you ML3, however you STILL generate a warp charge for each Warlock in the squad, despite being a brotherhood.

That being said, if you lose enough of them, you start to lose powers as the mastery level.

Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Eldar

You can pick between Runes of Battle and Sanctic, so you better pray that your Farseer gets Invisibility if you want to make that Jetseer Council. Alternate View: There are a couple of reasons to take this squad, despite its glaring inefficiencies compared to other HQ choices like a Farseer , but those reasons require you to stop thinking in FOC mode and look towards the formations.

The core "Guardian" Formations have the Conclave as prerequisite or an optional requirement, so even if you don't use the Warlocks you've got yourself a source of Warp Charges to boost your compulsory Farseer with. This is you get when you take the a spirit stone containing the soul of a farseer or warlock and stick them into a special wraithlord chassis.

A beast. There is no more requirement to take anything alongside this, so it's just as straight up HQ choice from now on. A Fearless T8 bastard starting at points, and the ability to equip a freaking D-cannon for 60 more on its shoulder, and loaded with crazy powers It's a godsend to an army that really needed a durable and powerful HQ choice. All of them are WC1, but it can still only use one per turn.

The D cannon really is the only weapon option you will need for the Wraithseer as the conventional guns just pale in comparison. Also invented both Just as Planned and Not as Planned.

He's the big cheese of the Eldar army; he's basically got all the possible options for a normal Farseer wrapped together into one package with a slew of tricks to add to the deal, minus the mobility of a jetbike. There is no Eldar army that couldn't be improved by adding this guy. Hilariously enough, the 7th edition codex has reduced his points cost a bit. Probably because he lost his The Path Beyond rule. Staff of Ulthamar: This thing is Eldrad's personal license to print money and coin a monopoly on the tears of your enemies.

This warp charge can be spent however you want: force weapon, casting a power you haven't cast yet, etc. You could with luck fire off several powers AND have enough left over to kill with a force weapon in a single turn just remember that psykers are limited to X cast attempts where X is their mastery level; so even if Eldrad has dice left over he himself is done after 4 casts that phase.

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Eldrad also carries a Witchblade as well as his Staff. Prince Yriel of Iyanden: Once upon a time, there was a guy named Yriel who won a battle by using almost all of Iyanden's forces in an attack.

This scared the guys in charge of Iyanden who said, "Hey! We could've gotten attacked while you were gone! You're fired! While he was busy counting his loot, some Tyranids came and attacked Iyanden so the guys in charge were all like, "Crud! We wish Yriel was here to save us!

Yeah, this guy needs his own anime show or something. He gets the reserve rule the Autarch gets, but instead of downloading aspect warrior war gear, he has a spear so awesome it consumed a black hole and a monocle : The Spear of Twilight: An armourbane, fleshbane AP3 spear, making his low strength a null point and his high Init and Attacks fantastic.

This allow him to threaten a lot of foes but also has the downside of forcing him to reroll 6s on saves in melee, shitty. Against the right foe he hits hard, fast and often.

Eldar codex pdf 5th edition

Eye of Wrath: For real laughs, send him charging heroically solo into any squad of MEQ and activate his Ambush of Blades warlord trait and his patented Eye of Wrath finisher move. Sadly he has to attack before most opponents pile-in, but this throws down an S6 AP3 pie plate that will deliver a hit for every single goddamn model that's under that pieplate.

Now the old standby troop slot just got an HQ to call their own. Illic is a big noise maker and with good reason, he's powerful in his own way and offers some great tactical options for the army unlike Autarchs. First up his stats, nothing to write home about in fact it all looks kind of Next up his built in warlord trait, giving him split fire for free, allowing him to hide in a squad of dudes but shoot other dudes than the dudes his squad is shooting at But wait there's more, any and ALL shots fired by Illic are precision shots, meaning he gets to choose which head goes splat every time he fires his weapon.

If the wounding roll is a 6, the model is hit by an instant death shot, so bye-bye HQ. It can even pen tanks on a 6. Plop Illic behind it and he gets to control the Lascannon. And all his shots are Precision Shots.

This allows you to snipe anything you want. At BS9 too. Another option is to put him in a squad of Dark Reapers. It's not a Death Star unit, but a nice one. Oh, and he can bring some buddies along for the ride too. Now is a Farseer crossed with a Fire Dragon for points.

Unlike other Farseers he has WS6, A2 and Stubborn so he fares a little bit better in melee, but not by much. They make amazing fighters but generally are poor force multipliers as a whole.

Asurmen Dire Avengers : points. Obviously he'll never choose the second Hint: he already has Counter Attack and Fearless, which supersedes Stubborn, and both are conferred to his unit.


Asurmen can anchor a key unit, if you want to play against the traditional grain of Eldar being a S6 alphastrike army. His most notable ability though is that he is the Hand of Asuryan and gets to roll d3 Codex: Craftworld warlord traits, rerolling duplicates. With how good the traits of the codex are, this ability has some neat potential. Jain Zar Howling Banshees : points. Founder of the Howling Banshees, Jain is the pinnacle of close combat terrors on the battlefield.

Her triskele, "Silent Death" can be tossed 12" as an assault 4 S4 Ap2 weapon.

Once she's in the thick of it, her enhanced banshee mask bumfucks the enemy unit and everyone within 6" as if to give an even bigger finger to certain blueberry armies with -5 WS and -5 I not only on the round in which you have charged but on ALL rounds and also makes her and her squad immune to Overwatch.

Lastly, when the Blade of Destruction comes into play, this AP2 Shredding monster can reap orks and terminators alike with oh so much blending fury. If, and I mean IF, anyone decides to try and take her in a challenge, her disarming strike rule applies, meaning she will automatically strip her enemy of one weapon, at the cost of one of her attacks.

This, combined with the negative stat modifiers she inflicts, make her easily one of the top challengers in all of 40k- Abaddon, Grimnar, Dante, Draigo? They'll all be in for a rough time. Despite her being the quintessential challenge specialist, she's not great against Monstrous Creature Characters, as her strength isn't great, and her armour save can be negated with Smash.

But then again, with her speed she should be able to easily avoid them. If you want to deal with her, don't even think of going into close combat- blast her and her unit off the table with everything you've got before it's too late! Just be careful if your opponent brings a Culexus Assassin.


That thing has a counter for every one of Zar's special tricks and will reliably kill her in 2 rounds of combat. Baharroth Swooping Hawks : points. The gun on Baharroth is basically the regular lasblaster with a higher strength and his special sword is basically a power sword with Blind.

But what he gives to the table is, in one word, speed. Blinding, in every sense of the word. His unique ability is the sun's brilliance ability he comes with: when landing with deep strike he sets of a flash of blinding light, causing foes within 6" of him to make an Init test or go blind for the turn.

Having also Herald of Victory never scatter when Deep Strike this can be used with utterly lethal precision. Unlike his aspect, though, he strangely doesn't have Intercept. Karandras Striking Scorpions : pennies. Imperial Knights presents the ancient Knight worlds and their bold warrior nobility. Sworn to the Emperor or the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Knights fight proudly to fulfil oaths of fealty to the Imperium.

Inside this book you will learn about the history of the Knights and their many worlds and noble houses, each with its own traditions and triumphs. True to both the medieval tradition and epic feel that 40k thrives from, Knights protect the Agri Worlds that the Mechanicus use to supply and predominantly feed their incredibly ravenous forge worlds.

You can find us here: Australian Capital Territory: York PE, St.Aside from the usual, Windriders also boast the benefits of Eldar jetbikes that allow them a special 2d6 move during the assault phase and all those delicious cover saves for Jinking and turbo boosting. The gun on Baharroth is basically the regular lasblaster with a higher strength and his special sword is basically a power sword with Blind.

Alternate View: There are a couple of reasons to take this squad, despite its glaring inefficiencies compared to other HQ choices like a Farseer , but those reasons require you to stop thinking in FOC mode and look towards the formations. This, combined with the negative stat modifiers she inflicts, make her easily one of the top challengers in all of 40k- Abaddon, Grimnar, Dante, Draigo?

The catapult is still among the shortest-ranged of any troop weapon found in 40k fleshborers and spinefists say "Hi" but comes with bladestorm. With unlimited access to Scatter Laser and Jetbike movement, they are arguably the best Troop choice in the entire game.

Gallants NL, West St. Dictate your price with them, adding warlocks and heavy weapons to suit - most any of them could be good, with the cheap shuriken cannon or the longer-ranged scatter laser cracking open transports, the starcannon for TEQs and MCs, the brightlance for tanks or the missile launcher to handle both hordes and armor adroitly and provide emergency anti-air and the anti air option comes free but it is the most expensive option however with guardian war host you can get it for free in three units eat that flying circuses.