**Update v fix small bug with Eboot resigning. but it seems that no resigners could resign self and sprx files for ODE users unless the files are renamed to orbureforha.tk instead. put the file you want to resign, if it's orbureforha.tk put that inside EBOOT Resigner folder, if it's Self. E/S/S/S/E Resigner had only option to resign orbureforha.tk from retail to users, but remember that E/S/S/S/E is also great tool for ODE users. 3k3y ODE Eboot Resigner Version 1 - Want to get PSN content and homebrew booted with a 3k3y ODE? This tool by Harryoke will do it in.

Ode Eboot Resigner

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Now Download ODDE EBOOT Resigner That Created By @harryoke Step 3: Fix EBOOT For COBRA ODECopy orbureforha.tk signature that was. Eboot resigner here is test version of a convertor/resigner for updates. . what FW have Cobra ODE, ? i assume you want to resign. EBOOT/SELF/SPRX Resigner for ODE. A site dedicated to bringing breaking console news and exclusive reviews based around Xbox , PS3, PSP, Nintendo.

I believe i have the correct file structure as it matches the other iso's ive made before, the only things ive had to add are the param.

Last edited by grangerjw1; at PM. You can extract the pkg and out the contents in the GAME folder on an internal or external drivew. As far as creating an ISO, Atreyu pretty much gave you the tutorial but didn't number the steps. What game were you thinking about doing?

Yes i have followed atreyus advice. I put the eboot into the usdir folder as it is on every other game i have and placed the created param. After creating the iso from the new folder, i ftp it to my external drive where all my other iso's are, but when i mount it, it says unsupported data and gives a generic error code. My problem lies in what created the unsupported data iso and where i went wrong. I started using the psn game listed above because its quite small and easier to convert and extract and ftp.

Ive been searching the internet for hours trying to find where or how to make one. After coming across a post that said just take any.

So im not sure if the sfb file is a generic file or if it is game specific. I have the correct file structure, i have the resigned eboot and the created param file in there proper locations in the folder.

The things im concerned with now are the param. By on: Hello Guys. The game showed up on XMB inside a folder of installed PS3 Games on disk, the icon appeared and even the background image appeared as well.

Panorama Maker 4 Pro Activation Code. The name of the game was showing up correctly. But the problem is that whenever I clicked to start game, it did not work.

Whenever I clicked on the game icon to launch, it launched, went to a black screen, then I received the error code BIN, then by using, I decrypted this eboot. BIN to 4. XX ODE using, i tried to inject this to my backup.

Download Game Robot Alchemic Drive on this page. Then I tried to inject this to my backup, however informs me that I need a game update patch to place on the folder game. So after seeing how is the update folder structure, I created my own update I just duplicated the same game files, however changing the param. Everything in place, and now having my own game update, I came back to True Ancestor and tried injecting it again, and now, it worked!!!

ALMOST Again the game showed up on XMB, however it did not start, however, the error message now was different, I received the error message an error occurred during the start operation Is possible to find a way to resign this eboot.

Please help me brothers!!! I always had a dream to be able to create and play a game on consoles, from since Super Nintendo. Althought today PC is a very good platform for gaming, anyway, I think consoles still hold a special place on the hearts of many gamers, especially the older ones like me who grew up playing game consoles in front of a TV screen.

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By on: You've done a fantastic job with the project so I've moved and mainpaged this discussion thread now so more people who use will see it and hopefully can lend us a hand Another resigning utility you could try is from bigjokker aka. When related to eboot. An error occurred during the start operation. By on: Those errors numbers are the same we have with injected games,nothing new. Eboot shouldnt be touched We can inject everything on ofw even multiman , but nothing works.

But: a pure DG eboot wouldnt work too, we need a 'psn' pure eboot signed with the keys we dont have.

So, until i can understand, we can not run anything on ofw without a legit eboot. It means we could have a cfw too. Dec 29, Occupation: YouTube Partner. Hi Joonie86 I am having some problems, could you write me on skype?


IDK , Apr 2, Mar 15, Occupation: Computer Technician, part time construction worker Location: California for now, until I move to kick ass Texas. Success AND Failure! I just wanted to chime in here and tell you first off thank you for this wonder Resigner app of yours! This is my story of Success using your tool.

Free 3k3y ODE Eboot Resigner Version 1 Software Download

This saves me a little space on my internal HDD. Now for my story of Failure. When using your app batch files to resign the Eboot or the SELF files it just pops up a dos box super fast, disappears and then deletes the files. I cannot read what it is saying to save my life and every single time it is done it just deletes the original Eboot and SELF files. Is there any way to fix this?

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No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:Kopi eboot original gamenya ke folder eboot resigner. Ive been searching the internet for hours trying to find where or how to make one.

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It is best to leave Qa Flag toggled on. But the problem is that whenever I clicked to start game, it did not work. This is what turns your demo into a full copy. Turn on your PS3. YouTube Partner. BIN 4. If you patched your dump with the validation guide in Chapter 1, you can skip to step 7. Everything else based on work of fail0verflow.