Summary: When she is abandoned by her alcoholic mother, high school senior Ruby winds up living with her sister Cora, whom she has not seen for ten years. Lock and key [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / Sarah Dessen. Main Author: Dessen, Sarah. Processing (CPL) - eBooks (PDF) - Young Adult Fiction. Lock and key [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / Sarah Dessen. Main Author: Dessen, Sarah. Headquarters (AVRL) - eBooks (PDF) - Young Adult Fiction.

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Usually they— and those that you knew best, for that matter—did not disappoint. Instead, the first thing I saw was green.

A large, high window, on the other side of which were tall trees, separating the huge backyard from that of the house that backed up to it. Everything was big about where my sister and her husband, Jamie, lived—from the homes to the cars to the stone fence you saw first thing when you pulled into the neighborhood itself, made up of boulders that looked too enormous to ever be moved.

Lock and Key

It was like Stonehenge, but suburban. So weird. It was only as I thought this that I realized we were all still standing there in the hallway, backed up like a traffic jam. At some point Jamie, who had been leading this little tour, had stepped aside, leaving me in the doorway. Clearly, they wanted me to step in first.

See a Problem?

So I did. The room was, yes, big, with cream-colored walls. To the right, I saw a double bed with a yellow comforter and matching pillows, a white blanket folded over the foot. There was a small desk, too, a chair tucked under it.

Ruby drives Nate to the airport when he decides to leave his father to live with his mother. After a sudden realization, she takes the key to the yellow house off its chain, replaces it with the key to Cora and Jamie's house, and hands the necklace to Nate.

At the end of the school year, Ruby gives her English report on the meaning of family. For evidence, she shows two pictures, both of family. The first was of Jamie's huge family, while the second was taken at Ruby's eighteenth birthday party.

After trying for months, Cora learns she is finally pregnant, and Ruby is accepted to the same university as Nate.

She wants to write a letter to her mother, but not knowing what to say, simply mails a copy of her acceptance letter.

At the end of the novel, she stands in the backyard, and as Cora and Jamie are calling for her to leave for her graduation, she takes out the old key to the yellow house from the pocket of her robe and drops it into the koi pond.

Characters[ edit ] Ruby Cooper is the protagonist of the story, a seventeen-year-old who was abandoned by her mother. She lived by herself for two months, but is shipped to live with her sister, Cora, who'd left when Ruby was eight, after the government finds out.

Ruby is convinced she can take care of herself, but later finds otherwise. She is sarcastic and independent, but changes her cynical worldview as the story develops. She has inherited many physical features from her mother, both described to have pale skin, red hair, and a tall-wiry frame.

Cora Cooper-Hunter is Ruby's older sister, though they look nothing alike. She left for college when Ruby was eight, and married Jamie Hunter two years later. She tried to keep in contact with Ruby, but her mother continually moved and put fake addresses in Ruby's school records.

Cora tries to get pregnant throughout the story. She finds out she is pregnant at the end of the novel. Cora is described to have dark hair and have a curvy shape.

Lock and Key Summary & Study Guide

Nate Cross is Jamie and Cora's neighbor. He is a senior, like Ruby, and carpools with her every day. He is constantly helping Ruby when no one else is there for her, although she does not think she needs anything from him. Nate works for his father's business "Rest Assured" and is often abused when his dad loses his temper. He was a swimmer, but quit when his father became too involved in it.

He is friendly, popular, and optimistic. Nate is described as having blond hair, and being "cute, but in a rich-boy kind of way". Jamie Hunter is Cora's wealthy, easygoing, amicable husband. He came from a large family and loves to celebrate festivities. He is the founder of the most popular social networking website UMe and built a pond in his backyard.

Olivia Davis is Ruby's new friend that also attended Ruby's old school.

She is constantly on her cell phone. Is somehow related to Don Davis, from This Lullaby.

Gervais Miller is young for his grade, but is one of the smartest kids in school. He carpools with Nate and Ruby and excels in Calculus. He tutors Ruby to become friends with Olivia. Blake Cross is Nate's father who founded a service to run errands for people. He owns the house beside Cora and Jamie's.

Lock and Key Characters

Marshall is a boy from Ruby's old school with whom Ruby had an "arrangement". Peyton is Ruby's best friend before Ruby moved away.

Ruby later finds out that Marshall was in a relationship with Peyton. Peyton went to private school before she got expelled for possessing drugs on school grounds. She went Jackson High after that, where she met Ruby through her boyfriend.They alert the authorities, and suddenly Ruby is taken in by her sister Cora.

Olivia is a nice friend, even if she has her flaws. Making a break over the fence in the back yard, her escape is foiled by one rambunctious dog, Roscoe.

Lock and Key Summary & Study Guide Description

Who was this odd creature, my brother-in-law—a term that seemed oddly fitting, considering the circumstances—in his mountain-bike T-shirt, jeans and funky expensive sneakers, cracking jokes in an obvious effort to ease the tension of an incredibly awkward situation?

PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. Helping with this is Jamie, Cora's sweet, generous, and very welcoming husband. It came across as garish and insensitive. Weird, right? The plot didn't sound very good or appealing but honestly this book was so so good.