In Microsoft Office Project For Dummies, my goal is to help you explore all that Project offers, providing information on relevant project management. Project Editor: Paul Levesque Project Coordinator: Adrienne Martinez Welcome to Word For Dummies, which is a better solution to your word. Learning at your level — An intermediate level course, this comprehensive program is specifically for people who must manage and support projects using.

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To start Microsoft Office Project on a computer running Windows click Microsoft Press, Project SBS, and double-click Chapter 2. MICROSOFT PROJECT CONTENTS. What is a Project. . The Gantt chart can be used in Microsoft Project to build a project as well as track and report it. Microsoft. ®. Office Project. Step by Step. Carl Chatfield, Timothy. Johnson. To learn more about this book, visit Microsoft Learning at.

Microsoft Project

All resources can be defined in an enterprise resource pool. Microsoft Project creates budgets based on assignment work and resource rates. As resources are assigned to tasks and assignment work estimated, Microsoft Project calculates the cost equals the work times the rate.

This rolls up to the task level, then to any summary tasks and finally to the project level. Project server stores Project data in a central database. Project Web Access allows user to display and update this data over the Internet.

These we will want to keep, but we also want to have vertical gridlines at the beginning of each month. Now your Gantt chart and associated gridlines will be similar to Figure 9.

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Figure 11 This will then include all your current columns in the Task view in the print out view. Figure 12 Gantt Chart Adjustments Now to make certain you Gantt chart, including bar labels, is fully viewable in the dates section of the Settings change the start date to January 1, , Figure 13, which is 4-days before the project start date.

Figure 13 Likewise, change the end date to May 20, , Figure 14, one month after the finish date. Setting the start and finish dates as such will ensure that your Gantt chart relationship arrows and labels are clearly viewable.

Microsoft Project Print To PDF Options Explored

Figure 14 Your Gantt chart including labels should now be fully viewable as in Figure Figure 16 Your print preview will look similar to Figure Figure 19 You will, however, need to change the Legend width from 2 to 3-inches, Figure PowerPoint is a visual application and better suited for creating the type of visuals client and executive expect. Office Timeline is a PowerPoint add-in that imports data directly from Microsoft Project and transforms it into rich visual Gantt charts instantly.

Since these charts are a native PowerPoint slides, they can be opened, shared, presented, updated or edited by anyone who has PowerPoint. You will need to install Office Timeline Plus , which will add a timeline maker tab to the PowerPoint ribbon image below.

Click on Microsoft Project in the Import wizard and select the mpp file you wish to load.

Now, from the. You can choose to display some or all of the imported items.

Mine looked like this and it took less than a minute to make. Click the Sync button on the Office Timeline ribbon to update your Gantt whenever the data changes in your Project file. The sync wizard will identify any changes to the mpp file.

Select the changes you want to accept and click Finish to update your Microsoft Office Gantt chart. Your slide can be updated in real-time.

Below, I synchronized my Gantt chart with its linked MS Project file to add tasks and milestones, and then I made some styling changes - for example, changing colors, shapes, and text positions, and switching the timescale from months to weeks.To move data, you can first cut it from your file, store it on the Clipboard, and then paste it into a new location in your file. The Open dialog box lets you change drives and folders to find the file you want to use.

Office hides the Ribbon and only displays the tabs. Introduction M icrosoft Office contains loads of new features. - /files/PDFs/_PC Books_/Microsoft Office/Office 2007/

Hold down the left mouse button and drag move the mouse. Select an item text, picture, table, and so on that you want to modify.

Deciphering Ribbon icons The main idea behind organizing commands within tabs is to avoid overwhelming you with a barrage of different commands. To guide you through the multitude of commands you may need to get your work done, Office provides several ways to get help, one of which hopefully will actually provide you with the answers you need.

Exiting Office No matter how much you may love using Office , eventually there will come a time when you need to exit an Office program and do something else with your life. Each time you choose the Redo command, you reverse the effect of the last Undo command.