Look Ahead 2: Student's Book (LOAH) (Bk. 2) [Andy Hopkins, Jocelyn Potter] on orbureforha.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tape Script Look Ahead Xi - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Unit 2. GETTING STARTED. Part B. Active Listening. Listen to Mike, talking. The Use of Textbook “Look Ahead 2”. As the Material for Improving the Students' Mastery in Narrative Text. Reading (The Case of Unit 2 to Teach the Year XI.

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FINAL THEORY OF DRIVING. 2. CONTENTS. Vertical Parking. 64 . always look far ahead for varying road conditions so that adjustments to. The LookAhead trial was a randomized controlled trial comparing an Intensive Keywords: Randomized controlled trial, type 2 diabetes, overweight, obese. ILI for overweight/obese patients with type 2 diabetes may reduce the risk of The Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes) trial provides a unique.

On her throat and her arm she placed two snakes which bite and killed her instantly. Part D. Third Challenge. Listen to the following story. Ita saw a mother hen quickly gathering its chicks under its wings. Then, Ita looked up and saw a hawk flying up in the sky. Well, this is the story. Long, long time ago, a hawk fell in love with a hen. The hen loved the brave, strong hawk in return and wished to marry him. If you give me time, I may learn to fly as high as you.

Then, we can fly together.

The hawk agreed. Before he went away, he gave the hen a ring. It so happened that the hen already promised to marry a rooster. So, when the rooster saw the ring, he became very angry.

When the hawk came a few months later, the hen told him that the truth. The hawk was so furious that he cursed the hen. Part G. Sixth Challenge. Listen to the story of Anne Boleyn. While listening, fill in the blanks with the words you hear. Then, do the following task. She soon caught the eyes of the King. The King tried to make Anne his mistress but Anne refused it. She demanded that the King marry her.

She waited nearly seven years for Henry to obtain an annulment of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon. It finally took an unavoidable breaking with the Pope in Rome before they wed in the mid of September in A year later Anne was pregnant, but she was unable to give the King the son he desperately needed for an heir.

The King was so disappointed. Their marriage ended tragically for Anne.

Look Ahead (Loah), 2, Students Book

She was accused of witchcraft, incest and adultery. On May 19th, she was beheaded at the Tower of London. The young prince died young. Unit 3. Listen to the following text.

Fill in the blank spaces with the words you hear. Cars should be banned from the city. As we all know, cars create pollution, and cause a lot of road deaths and other accidents. Firstly, cars, as well as we know, contribute to most of the pollution in the world. Some of these illnesses are so bad that people can die from them. Secondly, a city is very busy. Pedestrians wander everywhere and cars commonly hit pedestrians in a city, which causes them to die.

Cars, today, are the biggest killers on roads. Expressing opinions:. Listen to the following interview. While listening, complete the blanks. Hey guys! Nice to see you again. Good morning, Melissa. Well, guys. In this occasion we will be talking about an interesting topic. Guess what it is….. Okay, Melissa do your teachers always give you homework to do at home? How do you feel about it? Is it effective or ineffective? Well, I personally think that homework is ineffective in developing student's skills.

Well, thank you Melissa. See you. Does each picture match with the story? Put a tick beside the correct statements. Today, I'd like to tell you a legend from West Java. The title is Situ Bagendit.

Well, listen carefully. Once upon a time in Pasundan land, Garut, West Java, there lived a young rich widow. She lived in a very beautiful large house in a village near Mount Situ Patenggang.

This young widow lived alone. Although her wealth was plentiful, she didn't have any friends at all. You know why? Because she was a miser. She never helped other poor people in her village, so people in the village named her Bagendit. It means a wealthy miser. And you know what she did? She mocked and scorned other people who came to her house for a help. One day, an old man came to her house. He wanted to get some water from Bagendit's well. When he was trying to get a pail of water, Bagendit came out of the house and hit the old man with a pounder.

She beat up the man cruelly many times. Then, something amazing happened. The old man got up steadily. He walked closer to Bagendit and pointed his cane to her face. Do you know what happened after that?

Suddenly the water from the well gushed out violently and in a sudden the water flooded over the village. Bagendit and her beautiful house were drowned in the water. The village disappeared and nothing was left. There was only a wide and deep lake and people called it Situ Bagendit. It means the Lake of Bagendit. Well, that's the story. Read and listen to the following conversation.

Associated Data

Pay attention to the intonation used in the conversation. Well, my teacher gave me an assignment to make a summary of a folk tale. Uhm … yeah, I remember it now. I guess I know why she was jealous. She loved the prince and wanted to marry him. Am I right? A hundred percent correct. She, then planned to jeopardize the wedding. Well, she went to an evil witch. She ordered her to harm Galuh Candra Kirana with her evil withcraft spells.

Yes, it did. Galuh Candra Kirana suddenly fell ill and all her body suffered from boils. She smelled very bad. Her father was very ashamed of her and got rid of her from the palace. How unfortunate for her! So, she went into the forest and the spell continued to work. She suddenly changed into a golden snail Keong Mas and was stranded in the Dadapan forest.

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There she met an old poor woman. The woman kept the snail in her big earthen jar. The next day, something happened. The woman found nothing in forest for her dinner. So she went home sadly. You know what, to her surprise, there were delicious meals on her dinning table. This happened for several days.

You bet! So to cut a long story, the woman pretended to go into the forest but on the way she returned home. She found Princess Galuh Candra Kirana preparing meals for her. She felt sorry for her and prayed to God to help Galuh Candra Kirana. Of course, he did. At the end of the story, he met again with Galuh Candra Kirana. They got married and lived in Kahuripan Kingdom.

Well, at least the story has a happy ending.

See a Problem?

Thanks a lot, Pingkan. It has really inspired me. In narrative there are many expressions used to express feeling. This is an example of expressing love spoken by Antony to Cleopatra. Oh, my dearest Antony. How could you marry such a woman like Octavia. You said you loved me. Oh, How dare you!

How deep is your love to me? Expressing Love:. Listen to the following quotations. Then match the people to what they say about love. Everyday without you is like a book without pages. I love you, I will always do for the rest of our earthly and heavenly life. Read this carefully and say it again in a simple sentence. Expressing attention:. Choose True T or False F. A teacher is telling her students a folk tale. She is showing a picture on the textbook.

Yes, ma'am. The picture is about a strong man lifting uhm All right. In the Kingdom of Majapahit, there was a young strong man. He was from Madura. His name was Joko Tole.

He was so famous for his strength that the king admired him and often gave him a lot of gifts. And this made several officials feel jealous of him. So, they slandered Joko Tole. They told that Joko Tole planned to rebel against the king. Did the King believe that? Well, fortunately, the king was a wise man. He made a test for Joko Tole. He asked Joko Tole to marry his blind daughter. And Joko Tole agreed to marry her. The King nodded and smiled happily.

In fact he was. Then, a few days later there was a great wedding celebration in the kingdom. The king permitted them.

So Joko Tole and his wife left Majapahit for Madura. During the journey, Joko Tole cared for his wife very much. He always guided her gently.

In short, they arrived in Madura safely. Madura was a dry land.

Dewi Ratnadi wanted to take a bath after a long journey, but there was no water. After a while, he pulled the cane out and suddenly, water gushed out from the hole. You know what happened then? Suddenly, DewiRatnadi can see again!! Well, they lived happily ever after in Sumenep and the people of Sumenep and the people of Sumenep were also very happy.

Listen to a story about a schoolboy, named Michael. Complete the missing words. Okay students. Listen to me. I have a good story. The story is about a boy named Michael. He was ten years old. He was not a very good pupil. What did he like then? Oh, he liked playing in his leisure time. He liked football very much. Because he always made a lot of mistakes when he did it. Of course students, the teacher was very pleased and surprised. Well done, Michael.

Did your father help you? But last night he was very busy. He had a meeting. Then, I had to do it by myself. Asking if someone is angry:. Say whether these sentences have rising R or falling F intonation. First Challenge. Listen to the following monolog. While listening, complete the text.

Can you name the colors in English? Blue, red, yellow and so on. By the way, I have a funny story about the colors. Do you want to hear it? Okay, listen to me carefully. One day, an English teacher was explaining about colors to his students. Listen to the cassette. Remember, tomorrow, at the end of the segment we will give a cool gift for the luckiest listener. Okay, back to our topic today: Quashing litter-bug habits. Listeners, the problem of littering reflects a lack of responsibility on all sides.

Although heavy penalty has already been arranged under government regulation, many people still drop broken bottles or empty cans in public places, like parks or streets, even in the river. First on the line is Sarah.

Thank you for being part of our program.

The Look AHEAD Trial: A Review and Discussion Of Its Outcomes

Please tell us what do you think of this bad habit? I personally believe that throwing litter on the ground is a very bad habit. Everybody knows that. However, many people do it.

I would say that these kinds of people are really really selfish. And …. Okay Sarah, hold on one second. Now the question is: Well, well, well. If you do, send your SMS to And now, our next participant is Tuti.

Do you have any different opinion about this bad habit? Honestly, I always feel so bad every time I see people throwing litter on the ground instead of intothe litter bin. If we step on a banana skin, for example, we can slip and fall down and get injured.

And the worst thing of throwing litter carelessly is that our environment will get dirty and the air will full of bad odors. I agree with you, Tuti. I believe that we must start it from our homes.

We have to clean our gardens and also keep our neighborhood clean. All right, Tuti. Just send your SMS as many as possible. And thank you very much, Sarah, Tuti. Reducing someone's annoyance:. Listen to the following conversation between a daughter and her mother. While listening, complete the text below. Morning, dear. Good news? Okay, let me see. Mm…The tap water rate increase, one of the automatic increases will take place every six months for the next five years.

The city administration says the money collected from the increase will be used to pay an outstanding debt of billion rupiahs to its foreign water company partner.

Oh, dear. I can understand an increase in fuel and gas prices, but water is supposed to be subsidized by the government. It annoys me too, Mom. I have been thinking about the impact of the water rate hike. But as far as I know most of the users are low- income families, who are already suffering from the recent fuel and gas price hike. Maybe, it is because Jakartans are mostly business people, ranging from street vendors to tycoons and you know dear, they use large amount of water.

If the tap water rate increase is a must, I hope that the increase will improve service. How can we manage our life with our same amount of salary? Fill in the blanks. Crime is a serious problem in big cities and it is getting worse every year.

This is what police departments around the country said in their reports last week. The subways and streets are more dangerous. You may not even be safe in your own houses. Why is the problem so serious now? This is not an easy question to answer. There may not be a single answer. Many problems together seem to make cities so dangerous from time to time. One more of the problems is money. To fight crime a city needs police officers, cars, and guns.

These cost a lot of money. But right now cities do not have much extra money. So, there are not enough police officers, cars and guns for the cities. Another problem is drugs. Crime studies have shown that many criminals use and sell drugs. After they start taking drugs, they want to have more. However, drugs are very expensive.

So, these people have to sell drugs to other people to make money or they may steal money to get more drugs. There is an even more important cause of crime. Cities have rich and poor neighborhoods. In the poor neighborhoods, jobs are hard to find. They only know one way to make a better living for themselves, that way is to sell drugs or steal.

So, some of these young people have become criminals. It is not going to be easy to change these crime problems. We must first change many of laws about drugs.

We must change the way cities spend their money. Until then, the crime problem will not go away and we will live our lives in fear. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Say It Right whales survive mammals species breathe exceed breath Ways to say it: Expressing feeling Study the following dialog.

Could you tell me how big the blue whale is? Wow, that's an amazing fact. Expressing surprise: Expressing warning When we are going to give warnings to other people we can use these expressions: Informative notices: Do this: Don't do this: Watch out: The train is coming.

Ways to say it: Advising Study the following dialogs. Number 1. For subjects having trouble with their weight loss goals, problem solving, motivational interviewing and behavioral contracts were used. These included frozen meals, community classes, exercise items, or use of weight loss medication. Only orlistat was offered. Very few opted to use orlistat and it was not successful in rescuing patients The characteristics of the patients at baseline were similar in the two groups and have been published 7.

There was excellent randomization with risk factors comparable in the two groups. The results of weight, physical fitness, waist circumference, and glycated hemoglobin throughout the trial have been published 7 , as have the cumulative hazard curves for the primary composite end point 7. The event rate was 1. At 1 year of intervention, the ILI group lost 8. Fitness levels improved by As for meeting the 3 ADA goals for glycemic control, blood pressure, and lipids increased from At 4 years and 8 years of intervention, even though the weight loss maintenance was attenuated, there was still a significant difference in weight between the ILI and DSE groups 15 , This was continued in the weights at the end of intervention 7.

The ILI group showed improved biomarkers of glucose and lipid control 7 , 12 , improved blood pressure 7 , 14 , less sleep apnea 17 , 18 , lower liver fat 19 , less depression 20 , 21 , less urinary incontinence 22 , less severe kidney disease and retinopathy 23 , reduced need of diabetes medications 24 , maintenance of physical mobility 25 , improved quality of life 26 , less knee pain 27 , improved sexual function 28 , lowered inflammation 29 and reduced over-all health costs 8.

As stated previously, there was a much lower CVD event rate than was projected from available data at the time of the start of the trial 0. In fact, the event rate in DSE was so low that the investigators decided to revise the primary outcome so as to document more events by including hospitalized angina Why did this occur?

A number of possibilities could have had an impact. In addition, these physicians were repeatedly reminded by LookAhead sites of the guidelines for treatment of DM2 patients promulgated by the American Diabetes Association. Also, they received results of the biomarkers being followed, so they were well aware if their patients were reaching guidelines or not.

This could have affected their interactions with their patients for the better: Second, while patients were randomized to one of the two groups, all were free to do as they pleased with regard to how they led their life. They could sign up for other weight loss programs or to exercise programs as they wished.

These were health conscious individuals who had signed up for a very long study, so they may have been over-all much more careful about health risks than the average person with diabetes. Thirdly, volunteers could only enter the study if they could perform a maximal exercise test. This was done because part of the intervention was to be increased physical activity and the investigators wanted to be sure that this could be prescribed to the ILI group.

Thus, again, the cohort may have been healthier than the average diabetic patient. Essentially the same diet was recommended, though somewhat more strict with regard to calories. It is impossible to say whether a different dietary approach would have given different event rates.

The investigators opted for an approach that had been found to work. The recommended increase in activity for ILI was to min per day at least 5 days per week. This was all the investigators felt they could ask from this extremely sedentary and aging population. All documentation of the activity was done by individual diaries, since the exercise was done at or near the home and not at the centers.

That the ILI was compliant to an extent was shown by the increase in fitness that was found at 1 and 4 years The DSE also improved somewhat in year 1, suggesting that they also picked up their physical activity, though not as much.

Whether a more intensive exercise program in ILI would have had a greater impact is impossible to say. The ILI seems to have achieved a lowering of CV events by focusing on nutrition and physical activity. The ILI volunteers were successful in losing weight and maintaining a significant weight loss over the full median 9. They were also successful in increasing physical activity.

The DSE was also successful in lowering of CV events to the same degree, and they achieved this by taking more medications: Is one approach superior to the other? ILI had a great number of other positive effects that were enumerated and referenced above. It seems reasonable to suggest that invoking lifestyle change by health professionals and public health agencies is a constructive approach to prevent some of the side effects of DM2.

Individuals who were the most severely obese actually lost more weight than patients who were overweight. At 1 year, the severely obese lost 9. This may be because they were more compliant with diet and physical activity guidelines. They opted for more meal replacements and they came to meetings more regularly Clearly, older age is not a negative with regard to behavioral change.

All groups were able to lose weight and improve their risk factors. There was little difference among Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics. Native Americans did slightly less well. Thus, a preventive approach seems reasonable for everyone.

There was some regression of diabetes in the ILI group This did not occur in the DSE group. This occurred more in patients with a short duration of diabetes diagnosis and who had lost more weight and improved fitness better This is good news since DM2 leads to a host of complications that are costly in terms of quality of life and of dollars spent. It suggests that if one intervenes forcefully early on as soon as diabetes in diagnosed, a chance for remission is there.

It is possible that an earlier intervention would be successful in reducing cardiovascular risk. It is well-known that the atherogenic process begins long before DM2 is diagnosed It is possible that if only a very recently diagnosed group had been included that a positive effect on CVD events would have been shown.

A recent publication answers this question. Use and costs of health-care services were recorded across an average of 10 years. So the intervention was carried out without incurring extra health care costs. A majority suffer and die from CVD. The event rate was very low in both groups, but there was no difference in CV outcomes between the two groups.

The intervention was stopped for futility with a median follow-up of 9. Despite no difference in event rates, the ILI profited from a large number of improvements to risk factors and side effects.

It raised quality of life at lower cost. Although negative in its primary outcome, it was positive in many other aspects of diabetes morbidity. Human and Animal Rights and Informed Consent. This article does not contain any studies with human or animal subjects performed by any of the authors. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Curr Nutr Rep. Author manuscript; available in PMC Dec 1. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Copyright notice.

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Curr Nutr Rep. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Randomized controlled trial, type 2 diabetes, overweight, obese, intensive lifestyle intervention, cardiovascular outcomes, diabetic complications, quality of life, cost.

RESULTS The results of weight, physical fitness, waist circumference, and glycated hemoglobin throughout the trial have been published 7 , as have the cumulative hazard curves for the primary composite end point 7. Human and Animal Rights and Informed Consent This article does not contain any studies with human or animal subjects performed by any of the authors. International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas.

Brussels, Belgium: International Diabetes Federation; Prevalence of obesity and trends in the distribution of body mass index among US adults, — The incidence of co-morbidities related to obesity and overweight: BMC Public Health.He made a test for Joko Tole. No customer reviews. Diabetes Care.

Several studies also suggest that behavioral weight loss interventions facilitate short-term reductions in depression symptoms, as assessed by the Beck Depression Inventory BDI 15 — 18 , as well as improvements in the physical health component of quality of life 19 — Were you watching a movie?

He had a meeting. Did the King believe that? The Look AHEAD trial also presented a comprehensive intervention based on frequent, in-depth sessions both in groups and one on one. Just send your SMS as many as possible.