The Secret of the Mansion [Trixie Belden 1] by Julie Campbell; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Protected DAISY. Trixie Belden. “Schoolgirl Shamus” by James D. and Kimberlee Keeline. This paper was presented at the Popular Culture Association National Conference on . Trixie Belden has 12 entries in the series. Trixie Belden (Series). Book 1. Julie Campbell Author Ariadne Meyers Narrator (). cover image of The Secret of.

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If you're asking, "Who's Trixie Belden?" unfortunately, you're not alone. The series has been out of print for years, depriving a generation of. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. While not nearly as well-known as the Nancy Drew series, the Trixie Belden mystery series probably has even more devoted and passionate readers.

Maypenny, as Mr. Maypenny's helper. Molinson: The local police sergeant is often summoned to the scene of the crime or to warn Trixie against pursuing the mystery. He's not fond of the Bob-Whites' frequent interference in police business, and not shy about telling them so. Lytell: The shopkeeper of the local market. He's very curious about the goings-on in the neighborhood often portrayed as nosy , but sometimes looks the other way as he is fond of Miss Trask.

Wheeler: Honey's parents, and later Jim's adoptive parents. They are often away on business, leaving Mrs.

Trask to look after Honey and Jim. Celia: The Wheelers' maid. Tom Delanoy: The Wheelers' chauffeur, later married to Celia. Maypenny: The gamekeeper on the Wheeler estate. A recluse, he lives on a pie-shaped piece of property in the middle of the game preserve. Vanderpoel: A kind woman who lives nearby and knows nearly everyone in the area, plus much of the local history.

Jonesy: Jim's abusive stepfather. Ben Riker: Honey's fun-loving cousin. His pranks — like switching the salt and sugar on the dinner table — sometimes rub others the wrong way. Uncle Andrew: Peter Belden's brother. He owns a sheep ranch in Iowa and a mountain cabin in the Ozarks.

He has no children of his own, but he's fond of the Bob-Whites and invites them to stay with him when he can. He plays on the local high school basketball team and takes a liking to Trixie during the Bob-Whites' visit to Iowa.

They play and sing folk songs together, including some that they wrote. Hallie: Trixie's cousin from Idaho. They don't always get along. Nick Roberts: A fellow student, he is very artistic, particularly sketching and painting. His father runs a local trophy shop in town. Harrison: The Lynches' butler. His very proper manner often clashes with Di's desire for a normal life. Ferris: The local physician, who sometimes makes house calls to the Belden or Wheeler home.

Recently, Trixie's neighbor on the other side was taken to the hospital with pneumonia. Trixie uses this chance to explore around the miser's rundown old mansion. Under the pretense of locking a window, Trixie and Honey climb inside to look around.

They are shocked to find a tall, redheaded boy asleep on a mattress. The boy is Jim Frayne, the miser's year-old great-nephew, who is running away from his abusive stepfather. The three become close friends, with the girls smuggling food to the mansion for Jim.

Honey and Jim are doubtful, but Trixie is sure the money is there somewhere if only they can find it before Jim's evil stepfather comes looking for him.

Eventually, Jonesy, the stepfather, does come after a newspaper article about an airplane crashing near the miser's mansion also features the news of the miser's death, the legend of the fortune, and a photo of a fireplace with Jim's silver christening mug on the mantle.

Trixie finds the engagement ring that Jim's great-uncle gave his wife in a safe.

After Jonesy shows up, Trixie wakes up in the middle of the night and sees smoke from her window. The girls call the fire brigade and go to warn Jim. The mansion is burned almost to the ground, and Jim sleeps in the hidden summerhouse.

When Trixie and Honey go there to the next morning to visit him, they find him gone and a note with the engagement ring in the summerhouse saying goodbye.


He has run away again, this time in possession of some money he found hidden in the mattress he had been sleeping on. The girls meet the great-uncle's lawyer, Mr. Rainsford, who tells them Jim's uncle set up a half-million dollar trust for him and that Jonesy will be replaced as the boy's guardian. He asks them to track Jim down.

Jim Frayne ran away at the end of The Secret of the Mansion , but later his great-uncle's lawyer showed up, revealing that Jim inherited half a million dollars and is going to be removed from his abusive stepfather's custody. They decide to check the boys' camps upstate since Jim mentioned getting a job there, but he always seems to be one step ahead of them. On the trip, Trixie and Honey are faced with: Smith, a fat and motherly woman who's missing her locket; a trailer-robbing ring; and two suspicious workers at their trailer camp who may be involved.

Trixie knows that the mysteries are tied together and the answer lies in the nearby forest. At the end of the book, Honey's parents return.

Honey runs to her mother and gives her a hug, something she has never done before. Her mother forgets her own shyness and hugs her daughter back.

Jim is adopted by the Wheeler family, giving Honey an older brother. Jim tells Trixie that he is in charge now, but Trixie tells him to wait for her older brothers, Mart and Brian, to get back from camp.

The Gatehouse Mystery marks a point in the series when the hallmarks of the Trixie Belden books are solidly established. This book marks the entry of Diana Di Lynch and a man staying with her family who may or may not be her long-lost uncle.

[PDF Download] The Mystery on the Mississippi (Trixie Belden) [Read] Online

The end of this book foreshadows events that occur in The Mystery in Arizona. When the clubhouse is badly damaged, Brian uses the money he has been saving to download a jalopy in order to download repair materials. To help him keep the car, Trixie wants to use the ring Jim gave her in the first volume as collateral.

Whitman, starting in Author: All new cover illustrations. The interior illustrations and the pagination remained the same, but new book numbers were assigned. They were slightly thinner than the earlier cellophanes. A very attractive format, but somewhat hard to find, since they were only issued for 2 years. The endpapers are printed on colored stock red, blue, green with full color cameos of Trixie and Honey centered on the left and right sides respectively.

The most attractive and best-produced format.

Full color and duo-tone, full-page illustrations scattered throughout the books. There are no small illustrations as chapter headers. Whitman , Golden Author: Each cover has a head and shoulders picture of Trixie in the lower left-hand corner, art has been updated, and Trixie appears as a somewhat older teenager — thinner format than the earlier hardcover editions.

The type is somewhat smaller and the lines are more closely spaced than in the earlier editions perhaps also done to appeal to slightly older readers. A semi-glossy finish to the covers, but the binding is similar to that used in the cellophane editions, and very prone to cracking, breaking or tearing.

Two endpaper designs. The earlier titles have a a head and shoulders picture of Trixie on the left hand side, and a slightly smaller one of Honey off-center on the right.

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The other endpaper design has the same picture of Trixie on the left , but Honey is now centered on the right and the other B. In various colors green, orange, etc. No illustrations in the text. Some were on a thin, but smooth and better quality paper, less prone to toning; these are approximately 1. Others are printed on coarser paper, very prone to yellowing with age; these copies are slightly over 2 cm thick. Larry Frederick. Trade paperback editions were also issued using the same cover illustration found on the hardcovers, but are very uncommon.

It is the most frequently found, and it has the advantage of being the format used on the most titles. Beige colored background and illustration within an oval on the front cover.

All covers by Jack Wacker; no interior illustrations. All these were issued as trade paperbacks, but a limited number were also published in hardcover, primarily for libraries. Golden, starting in Covers: Slightly larger format, in sturdy glossy covers.

Unlike many series notably Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins , these books were not re-written upon republication. A notice on the copyright page mentions that there have been very few changes, other than adding consistency to the spelling.

List of Trixie Belden books

However, while we were editing them, we realized there were some differences between the first editions and later ones. I went back and forth before I decided to go with the second edition text in this case, figuring that such a significant rewrite probably came from Julie Campbell, not an editor. The dates on the copyright pages only refer to the actual copyright date, and not to the year of printing.

However, all dates for first printings are in Arabic numerals — for example, If the date is in Roman numerals, the book is definitely not a first printing; however, not all copies with dates in Arabic numerals are firsts, so that is only one clue.He has a daughter the same age as you and told your father he hoped you'd run up and see her. Jim is an expert equestrian and 'rides like a centaur'. And just last week. Vanderpoel: A kind woman who lives nearby and knows nearly everyone in the area, plus much of the local history.

But I'm earning money now to get a horse as soon as possible. Trixie suddenly felt very ashamed of herself, and she impulsively threw her arms around her mother. English Stats: The earlier titles have a a head and shoulders picture of Trixie on the left hand side, and a slightly smaller one of Honey off-center on the right. Is it unrealistic?