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Distribution companies are first point of contact in the electricity sector for millions of consumers. This is the sector which provides electricity to the door step of every house hold.

It serves various objectives of electricity sector such as supply of reliable and quality power of specified standards in an efficient manner and at reasonable rates and at the same time protects the consumer interest. Distribution companies need to make a financial turnaround and they should be commercially viable in order to achieve the above objectives.

Subsequently, the two companies viz. The main purpose of forming the company was to take over, manage and operate the electricity distribution system, assets, liabilities, undertaking of ASEB as may be transferred to it pursuant to a notified transfer scheme in terms of part XIII of electricity act Subsequently, the government of Assam notified the provisional transfer scheme dated 10th December, as well as the final transfer schemes under the Electricity Act, transferring the various asset, liabilities etc.

APDCL has its various circles and sub-divisions to carry out its operations and management perfectly and uniformly. Rangia circle have 7 sub divisions. Although tariff should include the total cost of producing and supplying electrical energy plus the profit, yet it cannot be the same for all types of consumers. It is because the cost of producing electrical energy depends to a considerable extent upon the magnitude of electrical energy consumed by the user and his load conditions.

Therefore, in all fairness, due consideration has to be given to different types of consumers e. This makes the problem of suitable rate making highly complicated.

Therefore, a tariff should include the following items: i Recovery of cost of producing electrical energy at the power station. The fixed cost is due to the annual cost of central organisation, interest on capital cost of land and salaries of high officials.

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The annual expenditure on the central organisation and salaries of high officials is fixed since it has to be met whether the plant has high or low maximum demand or it generates less or more units.

Further, the capital investment on the land is fixed and hence the amount of interest is also fixed. The semi-fixed cost is directly proportional to the maximum demand on power station and is on account of annual interest and depreciation on capital investment of building and equipment, taxes, salaries of management and clerical staff.

The maximum demand on the power station determines its size and cost of installation. The greater the maximum demand on a power station, the greater is its size and cost of installation.

Further, the taxes and clerical staff depend upon the size of the plant and hence upon maximum demand. The running cost is on account of annual cost of fuel, lubricating oil, maintenance, repairs and salaries of operating staff.

Since these charges depend upon the energy output, the running cost is directly proportional to the number of units generated by the station. In other words, if the power station generates more units, it will have higher running cost and vice-versa. To meet these costs, the tariff is designed for the customers. These characteristics are: i Proper return: The tariff should be such that it ensures the proper return from each consumer. In other words, the total receipts from the consumers must be equal to the cost of producing and supplying electrical energy plus reasonable profit.

This will enable the electric supply company to ensure continuous and reliable service to the consumers. Thus a big consumer should be charged at a lower rate than a small consumer. It is because increased energy consumption spreads the fixed charges over a greater number of units, thus reducing the overall cost of producing electrical energy.

Similarly, a consumer whose load conditions do not deviate much from the ideal i. A complicated tariff may cause an opposition from the public which is generally distrustful of supply companies. An electric supply company is a public utility company and generally enjoys the benefits of monopoly.

Therefore, the investment is relatively safe due to non-competition in the market. Efforts should be made to fix the tariff in such a way so that consumers can pay easily. However, the following are the commonly used types of tariff: Simple tariff, Flat rate tariff, Block rate tariff, Two-part tariff, Maximum demand tariff, Power factor tariff, Three part tariff etc.

In two-part tariff, the total charge to be made from the consumer is split into two components viz. The fixed charges depend upon the maximum demand of the consumer while the running charges depend upon the number of units consumed by the consumer.

Thus, the consumer is charged at a certain amount per kW of maximum demand plus a certain amount per kWh of energy consumed i. Connected Load: It is the sum of continuous ratings of all the equipments connected to a consumer. This shall be expressed in kW, kVA or HP units and shall be determined as per the procedure laid down by the Licensee with the approval of the Commission as specified in these Regulations. Maximum Demand: It is the greatest demand of load occurring at a given period of time.

The maximum of all the demands that have occurred during a given period say a day is the maximum demand.

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Maximum demand is generally less than the connected load because all the consumers do not switch on their connected load to the system at a time. But if it exceeds the connected load , then penalty may be imposed or correction has to be done for the connected load for that particular customer. Contracted Demand: Some of the consumers belonging to specific categories can have contracted demand and their billing will be done according to contracted demand.

For the other consumers, the connected load will be contracted demand.

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It is actually the demand contracted in the electricity supply agreement with the licensee. Contact Demand shall be determined within the limits specified in the Commissions tariff order. Billing demand means the demand on which fixed charge shall be made.

Overall Multiplying Factor MF : In case the consumer is having a step down transformer, the multiplying factor is calculated according to the ratio of no. Energy charge: Energy charge refers to a charge levied on the consumer based on the quantity of electricity units in kWh supplied.

Load factor: Load factor means average demand for the month in kWs divided by the recorded maximum demand or connected load or contracted load for the month in kWs calculated to two decimal places. The average demand for the month means total kWhrs consumed in the month divided by total hours in the month.


Power Factor: Power factor means the average power factor and shall be the ratio of the total kilowatt hours to the total kilovolt ampere hours supplied during the period; the ratio being rounded off to two decimal figures, considering the third decimal figure.

In case kWh or kVAh reading is not available then power factor shall be calculated on the basis of kVARh reading, if the meter has kVARh recording feature in the meter.

The meter rent shall be calculated for the actual no of days in the billing period. Principal Arrear: The total outstanding ou principal amount of earlier bills. Surcharge: Surcharge at the ra rate of 1. The index is measured from 0 to 1. A higher index shows efficient usage of electricity and vice versa. Low p. Some basic definitions related to P. It is the power that empowers equipments and performs useful work. KVAR: Reactive power.

It is the power which magnetic equipments such as transformers, motors and relays need to produce the magnetizing flux.

KVA: Apparent power. Let assume a glass or carbonated drink is ordered. The thirst-quenching portion of the drink is represented by KW. Unfortunately along with the drink comes a little bit of foam. The foam does not quench thirst. This foam is represented by KVAR.

Power factor is the ratio of working power to apparent power. Now the reactive power is neither consumed in the circuit nor does it do any useful work. It merely flows back and forth in both directions in the circuit.

A wattmeter does not measure reactive power.

The disadvantages of low power factor are: 1 KVA rating of the equipment is inversely proportional to power factor. The smaller the power factor, the larger is the KVA rating. Therefore, at low power factor, the KVA rating of the equipment has to be made more, making the equipment larger and expensive.

To transmit or distribute a fixed amount of power at constant voltage, the conductor will have to carry more current at low power factor. This necessitates large conductor size. For example, take the case of a single phase a. Feel free to visit my page As an example, if one wanted to make a batch of special knurled -head screwsthe turret could be set up with tools and used in this sequence:. This is useful for the handling of very large, heavy, short workpieces.

Roll Turning Lathe Machine. From customer satisfaction to the importance of certain aspects of your company, this is a turret versatile option to use in your online ddifference questionnaires.

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Chief ODMLT Tilting Outdoor Wall Mount, Black

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Its turret is flat and analogous to a rotary tableallowing the turret to pass beneath the part. With the development and dissemination of CNC lathes, which themselves often have automated turrets, manual turret lathes began to lose their position as the key to mass production of turned parts. Flash games are interactive games that are created usually for online or mobile applications. What are the three stage of a tool-layout? Difference Between Centre Lathe and Capstan or Turret Lathe Both turret and capstan lathes ar The replacement did not happen overnight, but rather was a gradual tapering off of reliance upon fitting, the progress varying by plant and by decade, until it had been completely eliminated from the assembly process, creating true mass production.

You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effectpeople can take a signal. Before playing online or downloading the sport, you can examine how much each one. Your security tax it is unexcelled to try new belongings a go on.To avoid this, the meters should have some advanced functions. These characteristics are: i Proper return: The tariff should be such that it ensures the proper return from each consumer.

Here is my blog post; the linden method printed version — articlesites. Similarly, a consumer whose load conditions do not deviate much from the ideal i. A complicated tariff may cause an opposition from the public which is generally distrustful of supply companies.