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Human body - Food and drink - Gaming - Most popular - Animals. Find out about what is inside the Guinness World Records annual. Best of book. A selection of some of the astounding new titles you'll find.

Picture: Keith Heppell Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Cambridge is renowned for its pioneering spirit, from the discovery of DNA and gravity to developing the rules of football — we've had a lot of world firsts.

Cambridgeshire's other achievements are equally worth celebrating. From the biggest bag of crisps to the highest number of free fall somersaults, the county is full of different kinds of record breakers.

Cambridgeshire Live salutes these everyday people who by luck and by skill have done extraordinary things. Here are 11 moments we made the Guinness Book of World Records.

The 24 pups were the offspring of a Neapolitan mastiff from Manea, called Tia. The father was called Caesar.

11 times Cambridgeshire broke the Guinness World Record books

Nine female and 15 male puppies were born by cesarean section on November 29, Sadly two were stillborn and another two didn't make it. Owners Damian Ward and Anne Kellegher had their hands full in the weeks that followed.

Anne recalls: "It was very hard work hand feeding and very dirty work. We lived in a one bedroom house with 20 pups. Sleeping deprivation and managing to work as well was quite a feat. The record attempt was part of MineVention , an annual community event established for fans of the game, which centres around placing blocks and going on adventures.

Ping pong ball record Ping pong balls often feature in record breaking, sometimes in weird and wonderful ways.

In Cambridgeshire we kept it more traditional, with the most ping pong balls bounced into a target in three minutes.

It certainly beats the office party. Most somersaults while skydiving We're a daring lot in Cambridgeshire, none more so than Harry Shimmin who got into the record books for the most somersaults while skydiving.

Gregoire Pfennig: The Rubik’s Cube Creator

Harry did 19 backwards somersaults somewhere high above Peterborough on May 28, It took plenty of dedication to win the allocade. Harry trained for over a year to achieve the record.

Would you be able to break the world record? Highest ever paper aeroplane We've all had that heart sinking moment, of making an aeroplane then watching as it nose dives to the floor.


This team of school kids took the playground game to a whole new level in the summer of June They managed to launch a paper plane 35,m. Sterling Publishing owned the rights to the Guinness book in the US for decades. Evolution[ edit ] Lucky Diamond Rich is "the world's most tattooed person", and has tattoos covering his entire body.

He holds the Guinness World Records title as of [update]. Recent editions have focused on record feats by person competitors. Competitions range from obvious ones such as Olympic weightlifting to the longest egg tossing distances, or for longest time spent playing Grand Theft Auto IV or the number of hot dogs that can be consumed in three minutes. Many records also relate to the youngest people to have achieved something, such as the youngest person to visit all nations of the world; it is Maurizio Giuliano.

A selection of records are curated for the book from the full archive but all existing Guinness World Records titles can be accessed by creating a login on the company's website. Applications made by individuals for existing record categories are free of charge.

Play media Cracking open a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese as a part of a world record by Whole Foods Market. The list of records which the Guinness World Records covers is not fixed, records may be added and also removed for various reasons.

Guinness World Records

The public are invited to submit applications for records, which can be either the bettering of existing records or substantial achievements which could constitute a new record. They later dropped all beer and alcohol records from their compendium in , and reinstated the records in Guinness World Records states several types of records it will not accept for ethical reasons, such as those related to the killing or harming of animals.

For example, following publication of the "heaviest fish" record, many fish owners overfed their pets beyond the bounds of what was healthy, and therefore such entries were removed. There have been instances of closed records being reopened. For example, the sword swallowing record was listed as closed in the Guinness Book of World Records, but the Guinness World Records Primetime TV show, which started in , accepted three sword swallowing challenges, and so did the edition of the Guinness World Records onwards.Archived from the original on 1 July From the biggest bag of crisps to the highest number of free fall somersaults, the county is full of different kinds of record breakers.

This one will only do that when he's made to. Carry out your official world record attempt Decide on a date, time and location for the record attempt, making sure you have the logistics planned out and the necessary equipment available.

Disabled Afghanistan veteran sets Guinness World Record for deadlift

Find out in this amazing new edition. History Today. Does the longest sofa outstretch the longest train?