[JGRChJ 11 () RR79] BOOK REVIEW Ehrman, Bart D., The Bible: A Historical and Literary Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, ). xvii + . Chapter 2—Courtesy of Bart Ehrman Chapter 3—Victoria & Albert Museum,. London;аPhoto: Victoria by Bart D. Ehrman. All rights reserved. Printed in . PDF | In Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the This review critically evaluates Dr. Bart D. Ehrman's rationale for his.

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BIOGRAPHY. Bart D. Ehrman is a prominent American scholar who has written extensively in the area of New Testament studies and early Christian history. New York Times bestselling author and Bible expert Bart Ehrman reveals how Jesus's divinity became dogma in the first few centuries of the. It is often said, even by critical scholars who should know better, that writing in the name of another was widely accepted in antiquity. But New.

Truth Defender - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 24, Subject: Amazing book, one of the best in the field.. One of the leading Biblical scholar and historian Professor Ehrman clearly presents how the New Testament was altered over the ages, by whom and for what purposes.

Even the Christian theologians admit that the New Testament we have today is not in its original form.. How, in that case, it can be claimed that it is an inspiration from God?

Professor Ehrman successfully refutes these allegations with sound evidences.

This book is a must for everyone who wants to know the Truth about the New Testament. Mithrasrising - favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 13, Subject: Re Apeism is Stupid. I'll tell you what's "stupid.

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It's littered with contradictions which the blind are happy to ignore. It was cobbled together hundreds of years after the "death," of Jesus, who I'm not aware dictated it to anybody at the time of his life, for very political reasons and overseen by one of the most murderous Emperors Rome had ever seen, who made the Cult into an official State Religion and that's the only reason it spread through the Roman Empire and has been passed down to us in the badly translated form we have today.

That's before we get into all of the ideas it filched from previous pagan religions all of which can be found by a small amount of research into Horus, Buddha, Dinonysus, Osiris, Mithras and Krishna. There's nothing "original," about the "life," or "teachings," of Jesus..

As for the Israel comment which you insist is taken "out of context," I suggest you re-read the book, if you dare and he goes onto explain the "prophecy," of Jesus, which he got so wrong and on which, among others, literalists are pinning their hopes of a "salvation," which is never going to happen.

If God wants to give us his "inerrant," word, I'd suggest he finds a much more effective way of doing so, like speaking to us with a booming voice from the clouds, once and for all, rather than relying on what's become a "false idol," to millions of sad, deluded souls, in the form of The Bible. Merry Xmas.. IslamicReplies - - July 30, Subject: Refuting "Apeism is Stupid" Like you've even read the whole book, I doubt it.

Do you "love your enemy" as the Biblical Jesus asseverated? If so, take back your scathing remarks against Islam, because that offends adherents of Islam and is not showing love to Muslims. Then again, if you claim all sins have been atoned for, there's nothing preventing you from sinning by uttering foul and offensive remarks against other religions.

Take a hike. Apeism is Stupid - favorite - December 22, Subject: It's EASY His experience combined with the publishing reputation of Oxford University Press makes The Bible a visually appealing and user-friendly textbook.

The goal of producing an undergraduate course book to cover the entire Bible in a single semester is admittedly a daunting one as Ehrman himself acknowledges see p. Too often, these types of comprehensive introductory works fail in many aspects and respects.

They can be too long, too boring or too outdated. Some are produced by an entire team of authors and lack the cohesive flow of thought in writing. Ehrman, however, does much better in numerous categories. From the initial impression of picking up the book, one sees that it is significant but not overwhelming. The glossy pictures and large textual print without footnotes invite students to read the book rather than just simply analyze it as with other textbooks.

The Bible covers the material one would expect and require from an introductory book to the Bible.

As the subtitle suggests, he focuses on historical and literary features. The unique character and content of each book are drawn out for students.

The defining characteristic is the effort made to be student-friendly. It is clear that much thought went into producing a book without assuming any prior knowledge of the students. It truly is an intelligent introduction. The best features are its design and formatting.

Bart Ehrman - Misquoting Jesus

Section headings are emboldened to R76 Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 11 give structure to the double columns of the body text. The page layout makes for a pleasant reading experience.

Additional design features include numerous inset boxes offering additional information. Some are excursuses offering tangential information e. Having these inset boxes enables professors to make choices about what material to cover and emphasize.

There are also colorful maps, pictures and charts in virtually every few pages. For many students, the inclusion of archeological and historical items helps make history come alive see pp. A few additional features make it well suited for the classroom. Here Ehrman creates realistic scenarios with practical questions.

The intent is to foster student learning by encouraging students to think how the material applies to everyday life.

The questions consistently strive to juxtapose academics with religion.

The problem is not with exposing students to the challenges of Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch or of historical reconstructions of the Exodus. His ability to summarize topics without being overly reductionistic can definitely benefit students. For instance, concerning Hebrew poetry, Ehrman adequately displays the big picture without losing students in the minutiae see Even though repetition is helpful for pedagogical goals, the repetitious mentioning of doubt and contradiction concerning historical facts is unnecessary.

Ehrman could have simply stated upfront that he finds errors, flaws and flat-out bogus material in the Bible and then moved on.And so, more often these texts are referred to as the early Christian Apocrypha, another problematic term, in that it technically refers to hidden books the literal meaning of apocrypha , hidden either because they contained secret revelations or because they simply were not meant for general consumption. Did he really speak with a woman with out our knowledge and not openly?

Bart Ehrman - Lost Scriptures.pdf

The words without cause are not present in some copies, nor in the Jewish Gospel. He said to his disciples, These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom.

Another strange presentation choice is the critique of ancient Jewish monotheism. I have called this collection of other sacred texts Lost Scriptures,. By Alan Lenzi. In part this was because other books were available, also written by Christians, many of their authors claiming to be the original apostles of Jesus, yet advocating points of view quite different from those later embodied in the canon.

An old patch is not sewn into a new garment, because a tear would result. Because you sg.